Space City

"Prepare for the Arrival of Mechanos!"

Opening Scene…
A dark room. A computer screen lights up a figure that you can only see from behind. The figure says to no one apparent, “The attack begins now.” His metallic hand reaches out and presses a button in front of him. A metallic chuckle fills the air. Fade out.

Cut to Downtown Space City…
Four large robots (12’ tall) land in the street in front of City Hall and proceed to attack and destroy what is in front of them. Our four heroes spring into action attacking the robots. After a few minutes of combat (game time, not real time) the heroes started to get the upper hand. Then a fifth even larger robot (24’ tall) lands and declares, “Cease your struggles! You cannot defeat Mechanos! Surrender and your deaths will be merciful!” At which point the heroes finished dealing with the first robots and started attacking the new threat. Working together the four heroes brought down the final threat. Even though there was property damage and the robots killed several innocents, the heroes managed to contain the threat.

Cut to Final Scene…
Same dark room, same figure, same view. The figure once again reaches out a metallic hand and presses another button. “Start phase B.” An evil metallic laugh rings through the room. Fade.



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