Space City

Opening Scene: Early afternoon in the Mayor’s office…

Archon, Hunter and Gauss have all responded to the Mayor’s invitation. There is already a gentlemen with the Mayor. Mayor Parker introduces the man as Scott Price. Archon and Gauss recognize him as the richest and youngest billionaire in Space City as well as the owner of Dominion Tech. Mayor Parker then congratulates the heroes for their recent activities and the handling of certain malcontent elements in the city, like Mechanos. And the somewhat unnatural disaster of the blackout. You mean when the power station was attacked by Baron Char? Hunter piped up. Baron Char? Price asked. I thought it was just a plant malfunction. Why can it be, that there is something the great Mr. Price doesn’t already know? Mayor Parker gently chided. Then Price also congratulated the heroes, though with a slightly sarcastic twist to his voice. Then both Mayor Parker and Price commented on the fact that Prime was not present since he was the one that she contacted to set the meeting up. No one had a reason why he was not in attendance.

“But, gentlemen, the reason that I asked you here today is to listen to a proposition that Mr. Price has made to the city. Mr Price?” Mayor Parker said.

“Quite right Mayor Parker. Let me once again say that no one more than I appreciates what you have been trying to do for the city. But I feel what the city needs is full time protection for what the fine Police and S.W.A.T. departments can’t handle. I know we are lucky to have a branch of C.H.E.S.S. here as well. But they are only a little better solution…they still have to respond to the threat. No, gentlemen and Mayor Parker. What this great city needs is full time, always present guardians. And to that end I have created a solution, the Angel-Bot. A full time guardian for the city. What I propose is to locate an Angel-Bot at strategic locations around the city so their response time will be almost instantaneous in the event of crime being committed.”

Then he paused and let the assembled heroes ask the question he knew was on their minds. What about the ED-209 factor? Can’t happen gentlemen. Simply because the Angel-Bots do not have lethal ordinance. Then they asked about the Orwellian 1984 factor. Once again, not an issue. True, they do record video and audio of their assigned areas, but like cameras in police vehicles and at ATMs these are only for evidence retrieval. Other than that they will only be linked into the police alarm system, much like a bank’s alarm. Of course they will be linked back to Dominion Tech for maintenance, but that is all.

Having all their immediate questions answered, but still with some doubts, Mr. Price turned the meeting back to Mayor Parker. Gentlemen, I understand your doubts as I’m sure I share some of them. But the reason that I asked you here today was to give the Angel-Bots a test. I would like you to engage Mr. Price’s Angel-Bots to determine if they are all that he claims. the group agreed some what hesitantly. Fine gentlemen we have a place cleared for the test. If you will meet us there, here is the address.

Shortly, the heroes, Mayor Parker, Scott Price, and several gentlemen arrive at the test site. The gentlemen are introduced most are investors from other cities. But the last three are from Space City the Fire Chief Terry Garrison, the Police Chief Charles McClelland and the last gentleman is introduced as C.H.E.S.S. Bishop Theagenes.

So, gentlemen. What say we have a fairly short demonstration? You three versus six of my Angel-Bots? How about a minute? You win…no, you last the whole minute and I’ll pack it in. If you don’t last the minute we’ll all call it a done deal except for the minutia? We’ll see Mr Price. Said the Mayor. Let’s just see what your Angel-Bots can do against live opponents not on your payroll. Splendid! Price smiled. Well gentlemen, your opponents are right over there. Just like in actual deployment they won’t activate till you do something that violates their protocols, like attacking them say or using force out of bounds for normal society. But, you’ll see.

With that our three heroes entered the cleared park and saw six angel forms standing on one side of a concrete platform. After a brief moment to plan amongst themselves…“ANY TIME GENTLEMEN!!!” Price yelled out. Hunter charged in causing one of the Angel-Bots to take to the air. And then the rest of the group engaged the Angel-Bots. After trading a few good shots between the heroes and the Angel-Bots, both Hunter And Archon were unconscious and Gauss was close and surrendered. The Angel-Bots landed and then again became motionless.

Price practically beamed for the assembled investors and the rest of the group. Hunter and Archon were woken up, tired but other wise unharmed. Thank you gentlemen! Price beamed at the heroes. He then turned to the investors and started talking future deals. The heroes caught Mayor Parker’s eye and motioned her over and asked if that was it. If that was a done deal for the Angel-Bots. She assured them that that had only won Price a six-month trial deployment in the city. And after answering a couple more questions, she said she had to catch up to the other group before Price decided to “improve” on anything else. But one last thing gentlemen, her voice dropped to a whisper, I asked you here so you could get a first hand look at how these things work. I expect you to have a contingency plan in place in case anything goes wrong. With that she excused herself and caught up with the other group.

Unseen by all was the refocusing of the camera in one of the Angel-Bot’s eyes as the Mayor whispered to the heroes.



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