Transformer with several dragon forms.


Character’s Name: Archon
Real Name: Raymond Willis
Ht: 5’ 8"
Wt: 175
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Origin Type: Legacy (son of Wind Wraith)
Unusual Features:
Legal Status: Citizen Identity: Marshall Jones
Former/Other Aliases:
Marital Status: Single
Place Of Birth: Seattle, WA
Known Relatives:
Group Affiliation:
Base Of Operations:

Level: 3
Experience: 0

Weight: 175
Basic Hits: 4
Agil Mod: —
Str: 13
End: 15
Agil: 19
Int: 16
Chr: 13
Reactions Good: +1 Evil: -1
Hit Mod: (1.2) (1.8) (1.9) (1.2): 4.92
Hit Points: 20
Healing Rate: 1.6
Accuracy: +3
Damage: +3 Power: 62
Carrying Capacity: 323
Basic Hth Damage: 1d6
Move Rate: 46
Det. Hidden: %
Det. Danger: 16%
Inventing: %
Inventing Points:
Areas Of Knowledge: Legal, Inheritor: $10,457,088

Powers: 5
1) Transformation: Disguise
2) Transformation: Creatures x4

W) Diminished Senses: Color Blind


The son of Richard Willis (A.k.a Wind Wraith) and Samantha Barnes, who would later marry Richard. Born to them in secrecy to protect his identity. his parents discovered his powers almost immediately so they enlisted the help of a telepath to activate Ray’s powers at a young age to reflexively alter his looks until he was at an age to alter his looks on his own. The physical form people know is not his true form, he was trained to make himself look like a blond hair, brown eyed and he stands at a solid 6 foot 210 pounds. Because he frequently spends his time in the Texas sun he has developed a nice tan. He frequents Space City with his parents, as his father has made investments in several businesses throughout Space City.


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