Martial artist speedster


Character’s Name: Cheetah
Real Name: Kenji Watanabe

Ht: 5’ 9"
Wt: 190 lbs
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Eyes: Dk. Brn.
Hair: Black

Origin Type: Genetic Eng.
Unusual Features:
Occupation: Second Son
Legal Status: Legal Identity:
Former/Other Aliases:
Marital Status: Single
Place Of Birth: Yokohama
Known Relatives:
Group Affiliation:
Base Of Operations:

Level: 1
Experience: 0
Training: Pharmacology

Weight: 190
Basic Hits: 4
Agil Mod: —
Str: 13
End: 30
Agil: 31
Int: 26
Chr: 9
Reactions Good: — Evil: —
Hit Mod: (1.2) (3.8) (3.1) (1.5): 21.204
Hit Points: 85
Accuracy: +5 ()
Healing Rate: 3.6
Damage: +7 ()
Power: 100
Carrying Capacity: 494
Basic Hth Damage: 1d8
Move Rate: 74
Det. Hidden: 36%
Det. Danger: 44%
Inventing: %
Inventing Points:
Areas Of Knowledge: Genetics, Organized Crime (Yakuza)
Inheritor: $25,681,320

Powers: 8
1) Heightened Agility B: +15 (power)
2) Heightened Endurance A: +19 (trained)
3) Heightened Expertise: Martial Arts +4 Accuracy
4) Heightened Intelligence A: +11 (trained)
5) Heightened Senses: 2x Detect Hidden and Detect Danger
6) Heightened Speed: +850" Movement, +29 Initiative
7) Willpower A
8) Willpower B: Regenerate each hour instead of each day, except chemical damage.

W) Allergy to Alcoholic Beverages
W) Special Requirement: Daily Medication


My name is Kenji Watanabe, I am the 2nd son of a powerful Yakuza boss of the Inagawa-Kai family. As the 2nd son I am usually beneath the notice of my father. My older brother Taro grew up being trained to take over my father’s place and has little time for me. I rarely see my family other that our tradition family dinner on Tuesday night and important “family” occasions. My mother died during child birth in Yokohama, Japan. My father remarried within a week and my stepmother raised me till I was five. At this time I was turned over to my mentor Yuji Takei. He mentored me in my Akido, kendo and karate-do training and also pushed me hard in my education. I was home schooled until I was 13 when I was sent to UCLA for premed. From there I transferred to the University of Texas, southwestern where I completed my PhD in medical genetics. For once having a rich family came in handy as I was able to get my own lab built in Space City. I have 2 geneticist and 6 techs working for me. We mostly do paternity cases and some minor research on the side, But this is just a front for my private lab beneath the facility where I do experiments in human enhancements. I spliced my own DNA with a cheetah and enhanced myself physically. I am now more agile and hardier and can run at amazing speeds. Unfortunately, the process I used was not perfected and the splice is unstable. I have to take a stabilizing agent or after a day I start getting headaches, which progress to tremors, weakness and if untreated long enough may result in death. One day I hope to stabilize the effect but until then I am using the gifts I have to try to make the city a better place. While I recently became a costumed crime fighter, I don’t intend to try to bring my family to justice. After all, a good son honors his father, and I am a good son, too bad I don’t have a good father.


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