Character’s Name: Gauss
Real Name: Victor Northstar

Ht: 6’
Wt: 200
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Origin Type:
Unusual Features:

Legal Status:
Former/Other Aliases:
Marital Status: Single
Place Of Birth:
Known Relatives:
Group Affiliation:
Base Of Operations:

Level: 1
Experience: 0

Weight: 200
Basic Hits: 4
Agil Mod: —
Str: 20
End: 12
Agil: 13
Int: 28
Chr: 12
Reactions Good: +1 Evil: -1
Hit Mod: (1.6) (1.4) (1.6) (1.3): 4.7
Hit Points: 19
Accuracy: +1
Healing Rate: 1.2
Damage: +4
Power: 73
Carrying Capacity: 920
Basic Hth Damage: 1d8
Move Rate:
Det. Hidden: 20%
Det. Danger: 24%
Inventing: %
Inventing Points:
Areas Of Knowledge: Electronics, Research/Technology, Physics

Powers: 5
1) Invulnerability: 23 points
2) Heightened Strength A: +8
3) Heightened Intelligence B: +13
4) Magnetic Powers: Capacity = 1,000 lbs
5) Psionic Device: Technopath

W) Physical Handicap: Lame Leg


The Origin of Gauss

Victor Northstar was a college student at M.I.T in the late 70’s when a lab accident gave him super powers. he created the identity Lodestone.. he quickly teamed up with a group of heroes and the formed the team The Protectors! They adventured for several years while Victor continued his studies in college.

The Protectors came to an end when Anthem, a founding member, turned out to be a double agent for H.I.S.S ! the team was captured and tortured but were able to turn the tables on their captors and break free. Lodestone was badly injured and Anthem is missing , presumed dead. The team, devastated by the betrayal, broke up and when their separate ways. Victor retired the Lodestone identity and moved to Space City and started a small company, Northstar Technology.

Years pass and Victor’s company prospered with the computer boom of the 80’s and pda’s cellphones of the 90’s. recently victor invented a device that allowed someone to interface mentally with computers. working late one night Victor stumbled upon a team stealing his technology. victor was able to defeat the agents by disguising his powers as ‘gadgets’. Afterwards, with the agents in custody and no clue as who hired them,victor realized that he missed the life of an adventurer and even if he had not used his powers in 30 years. He created a new costumed identity as Gauss.


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