Mad Jack

Lunatic Skeleton with a Proclivity for Chaos


Name: Mad Jack
Identity: Jack Carder

Sex: Male
Age: 38
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 192
Hair Color: Transparent (Brown)
Eye Color: Transparent (Blue)

Occupation: Stage Magician
Legal Status: Wanted Criminal
Place of Birth: Murdock, MN
Marital Status: Married – Candice R. Carder
Known Relatives: Mother (Mayra), Brother (Sean), Wife (Candice) & Daughter (Jean)
Base of Operations: Space City
Past Group Affiliations: Matranga Family
Present Group Affiliation: None
Description: Jack dresses like a Court Jester. Due to his skin condition he looks
like a Skeleton from a more than a short distance away.

Known Powers:
1) Jack no longer feels pain and is impossible to knock unconscious.
2) Immune to poisons.
3) Heightened Agility and Intelligence.
4) Jack’s Joy Juice – Deadly.
5) Special Weapons – Jack has been known to use the following:
a) Acid Spewing Flowers
b) Cyanide Pies
c) Electric Joy Buzzers
d) Exploding Cigars
e) Poisoned, razor sharp cards (particularly good marksman with these)
f) Exploding playing cards

Weakness: Jack is clinically insane and only sees the world through the lunacy in his own mind.

Origin & Background: Jack Carder was a small time stage magician that caught the attention of Anthony Carolla of the Matranga Crime Family. For a couple of years Jack was living the easy life. Then he got greedy and made a play for a piece of the crime pie. Anthony had Jack taken out and shot and then dumped in a toxic waste dump. Unfortunately for everyone Jack didn’t stay dead. Some weird combination of chemicals healed him and turned his soft tissue transparent. The accident also finished pushing Jack mentally over the edge. Jack has since been his own special sort of insane. He spends his time traveling the highway of lunacy in his mind from the pinnacle of brilliance to the depths of stark raving lunacy. He also has an understandable hatred for the Matranga Family. His other crimes are generally predicated on the world perceiving him to outsmart his competition.

Tactics/M.O.: Due to his insanity, Jack has no identifiable, consistent Tactics or M.O.

Personality/Character Traits: Jack is insane. He laughs and shoots people when they don’t laugh with him. He laughs and shoots people for laughing at him. Jack rescues a kitten and paints its claws with Joy Juice before giving it back to its 6 year old owner.

Mad Jack

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