A powerful flying super brick.


Character’s Name: Prime
Real Name: Victor

Ht: 6’ 3"
Wt: 236
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Origin Type:
Unusual Features:
Legal Status:
Former/Other Aliases:
Marital Status:
Place Of Birth:
Known Relatives:
Group Affiliation:
Base Of Operations:

Level: 1
Experience: 0
Weight: 236
Basic Hits: 5
Agil Mod: —
Str: 44
End: 40
Agil: 36
Int: 13
Chr: 12
Reactions Good: +1 Evil: -1
Hit Mod: (3.2) (5.0) (3.7) (1.1): 65.12
Hit Points: 326
Accuracy: +6
Healing Rate: 6
Damage: +5
Power: 133
Carrying Capacity: 10,523 lbs
Basic Hth Damage: 2d10
Move Rate: 120"r/1760"f
Det. Hidden: 10%
Det. Danger: 14%
Inventing: 39%
Inventing Points: 1.3
Areas Of Knowledge: Sports, Law Enforcement

Powers: 7
1) Heightened Strength B: +27
2) Heightened Endurance B: +25
3) Heightened Agility B: +20
4) Flight: 1760", 400 mph, PR 1/hour
5) Heightened Expertise: +4 Accuracy
6) Invulnerability: 23 points
7) Willpower B: Heightened Defense verses mental attacks as per Heightened Defense.

W) Vulnerability: Achilles Heel (Vibranium)

Jaccob Campbell was born in Austin, Texas and raised by his mother Peggy. His father, Robert worked as a drilling technician on an off shore oil rig. As parents go, Robert and Peggy were fairly loving and supportive although not very parental. More like a cool aunt and uncle rather than mother and father. In any event, Jaccob’s childhood was typically fun and normally eventful. Jaccob was involved in typical childhood activities. He was a boy scout. He went camping with friends. And he began his football career in the peewee league. Jaccob was not overly good at school work. Often his mind would wander in class and his grades suffered accordingly. In high school, the coaches tried to pair Jaccob up with a student tutor to help his grades. The tutor they found for him was named Phillip Douglas, an A+ honor role student who was involved in several after school academic clubs. The two boys became good friends and remained so all the way into college. It was during his junior year at college that Jaccob’s life changed forever. One evening, about mid way through football season, Coach Perkins pulled Jaccob aside for a talk. He warned Jaccob that there would be a lot of talent scouts at their next game and that the college was planning on showcasing Jaccob’s skills by relying heavily on him during the game. Normally, Jaccob was not much of a show-boater, but rather a level headed team player. However, the coverage of this game could make or break his future NFL career, so Jaccob agreed to shoulder the load. By the middle of the second quarter, the opposing team was clearly on to the fact that Jaccob was meant to be the star player and they adjusted their tactics to shut him down. With the home team trailing by thirteen points at half time, everyone expected Coach Perkins to shift his strategy but he did not. He gave a rousing halftime speech to the team about pulling together but he kept the plays centered around Jaccob. In the third quarter, Jaccob did make a couple astounding plays to bring the score to a tie but the pressure kept mounting. Many of his team mates began to resent Jaccob being offered all the glory while they got largely ignored. The fourth quarter of the game was grueling as the two teams traded touch down for touch down until it looked like the game would go into over time. Coach Perkins decided to risk everything on one last big play and it turned out to be the final straw for Jaccob. Fourth down with four yards to go for a touchdown, Jaccob was handed the ball for a running play. The defense saw it coming and everyone angled for a dog-pile on Jaccob. Jaccob’s desire to win the game was not for the sake of his own glory, but rather to win the game for his team mates who had been denied their chance to to showcase their own skills. Before he knew what was going on, Jaccob had crossed the plane of the end-zone, but with six defensive players hanging on to him. Some of the defensive players had been brushed aside by Jaccob as he muscled his way down those four yards while six others managed to hold onto him even though they were unable to even slow him down. He had carried the weight of those men as easily as if they had been children and the players he knocked aside felt as though they had tried to tackle a steam roller. Clearly, something had changed in Jaccob. Jaccob had shown signs of having extra-normal strength and endurance and with a bit of testing it was proven that he had the strength of at least five men. And that was when things started to go downhill fast for Jaccob. The game had been ruled unfair and invalid due to Jaccob’s extra-normal abilities. The controversies began cropping up which centered around the myth that Jaccob had had his super abilities all along but had simply been hiding them to give himself an unfair advantage all along. Jaccob dropped out of college and dropped out of site for nearly a year as he tried to come to grips with his new reality as a “super”. He did a great deal of soul searching before deciding to go back to college, change his major to law enforcement, and (with the help of a few additional night courses) finish his schooling. He also decided to do an interview with a local sports caster in which Jaccob laid the truth out for everyone. During the interview, Jaccob explained that he had never felt truly stressed until that fateful game which he believed accounted for his late blooming abilities. The interview was frank hearted and left very little doubt that Jaccob had gotten to that game on his own merits before any extra normal abilities seemed to show. He also decided to offer his voice to the companies that were trying to arrange the founding of the National Supers Sports League, but Jaccob refused to compete. Jaccob proclaimed that he felt a calling to do some good with his abilities and registered with the local Chess agency. Taking up the mantle of “Prime”, Jaccob has become the worlds newest crime fighter and force for good!


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