Space City

Opening scene…The lights of Space City go out.

Prime flying patrol over a dark Space City when he hears the sound of a large amount of glass breaking. Flying down to investigate he finds the Burning Tigers gang entering the Phoenix Tower. He handily takes care of the members of the gang that don’t run away. As Prime is finishing up the Burning Tigers, The Hunter spots the Black Widow gang pouring out of an ally screaming for their lives. Right behind them is a large green tiger (at least 12’ long). The tiger knocks down and traps one of the Black Widows known as Dicie. The Hunter’s pack surrounded the tiger and allowed him to free the girl. The pack made short work of the tiger only losing a couple of members. While this is happening, Prime is calling after the last gang member who stops and starts to back up. A moment later Prime sees why. A very large purple furred bear (some 20’ across at the shoulder) comes slowly walking around the corner. Before the bear can devour the hapless gang member Prime jumps to the rescue. After a short slug-fest, Prime manages to knock the bear out. Hunter decides to take his kill off to reward his pack while Prime cages the bear and calls CHESS to report the capture of the gang and the bear.

Hunter finished his pack’s reward and returns to the scene of the kill and tries to pick up the trail of the tiger. Having no luck, he does the same thing with the bear and tracks it back to a medical lab at Rice University. Talking to a couple of the lab techs scurrying around a wrecked lab, he finds out that not only had the tiger and bear escaped, but also a large blue ape, a very large yellow bird and a large multi-colored wolf. When he asked her to explain is sounded something like “Autosomal Dominant Polydactyl Syndrome visa via Fluorescence Activated Polychromatic Cells”…and that was as close as she could come to layman’s terms. With this bit of information in hand, Hunter decided to wait and talk to the Dean to find out what he knew and didn’t know.

Meanwhile, Prime figuring that there must be something wrong at the power plant (StarTex Power), flew out to see if he could help. When he got there the scene was a study in organized chaos. Finding the On-site Coordinator (Shaarik Zafar) he was directed to the Fire Chief to find out where he could do the most good. The Fire Chief (Terry Garrison) told Prime in no uncertain words that this was a situation for professionals and that the firemen of Space City had everything under control. Ten minutes later with the next explosion, Prime went and picked up a foam truck and carried it over the center of the fire and released the foam. While the foam was being dumped, Prime saw the flames jumping around in a rather unnatural way. After the truck was empty Prime scanned the crowd looking for someone suspicious but didn’t find anyone. He then called CHESS again with his concerns and the operator put him through to Dr. Chronopolis. Explaining his theory about there being a fire controller somewhere near by he asked if the Dr. had anything that could detect that type of energy. Dr. Chronopolis said that he had a device that was almost ready for field testing and that he would send a Rook over with it as soon as possible. Hanging up, Prime went and got a garbage dumpster and scooped up some dirt and went back to try and fight the fire. Dumping it on the strange acting flame, the flame jumped out of the way in a very fluid manner. Having enough of this, Prime went and refilled his dumpster with dirt and took it and plowed directly onto the strange fire. Just as he thought it was smothered, the dirt and the dumpster exploded from underneath Prime and there stood a being made out of fire. Then in a voice that seemed to be the combination of a tenor and a wildly crackling fire the being spoke, “Baron Char’s service has been dispatched. The next time Baron Char visits your dismal world…it will be his!” With this pronouncement, the fire being disappeared. The fire at the power plant was fairly quickly dispatched after this.

The next morning as Dean Spann wearily walked into his office, he was met by The Hunter waiting for the him with one of his dogs. After a short conversation, with the Dean reassuring Hunter that he was well aware of what had been lost during the night, told Hunter in no uncertain words what the loss of the green tiger was going to cost the University and the research program to boot. Hunter told the Dean that wild animals were not made to be caged but to roam free and to be hunted as needed. Needless to say the Hunter and the dean did not see eye to eye on the situation.



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