Space City

Who'd Want to Steel a Mummy?

Opening Scene: Early afternoon near the Space City Downtown Library…

While downtown for different reasons, Archon and Hunter both spot a maniacally laughing man dressed in a jester’s suit walking down the sidewalk and tossing exploding cards over his shoulders. They both recognize Mad Jack. Leaping into action they both attack Mad Jack and try to apprehend him. This didn’t go so well for either of them. Neither hero seemed to be able to land a solid hit on Mad Jack. Then Mad Jack tired of the heroes and bid them adieu, turned and started to walk away. At which time both heroes jumped him from behind and tackled Mad Jack and held him till the police could get there. Not pretty, but justice often isn’t.

Later that evening at The Space City Museum of Natural Science a new exhibit on Ancient Egypt was having a black tie opening and for various reasons, everyone was there. As the evening progressed Cheetah noticed that the sarcophagus of a 15th dynasty pharaoh was moving. Then suddenly the sarcophagus opened shattering the glass enclosure. A mummy walked out of the sarcophagus dressed in a steel gray robe and steel gray wrappings. Speaking in perfect English he announced to the crowd that he was Pharaoh Odjiuro, but that they could call him The Steel Mummy. He then gestured at those nearest him and they transformed into mummies (complete with wrappings). Then the heroes leaped into action and tried to bring him down and control the now crowd of mummies. The newly created mummies didn’t pose a lot of threat to the heroes and were mostly ignored. The Steel Mummy however seemed to be able to hold his own against the four heroes. This went on for about a minute or so before The Steel Mummy broke to an empty area of the room and summoned a ghostly chariot and quickly left the museum.

During the fight Archon remembered that his father (Wind Wraith) had told him about fighting the Steel Mummy back in the 70’s. Archon (along with the rest of the group) called his father and questioned him about the Steel Mummy. Wind Wraith told them about the Steel Mummy’s plans to rule the world by converting normals into his mummy drones. He also told them about the Mummy Queen (who didn’t seem to do anything except be by his side). And finally he told them about how the Steel Mummy disappeared in a titanic battle between the Justice Knights and The Horror Kings during a case he called ‘The Time Clash’.

The next day, Prime received a call from Mayor Parker. She told him that she wanted to meet with him and the rest of the vigilantes that have been operating in Space City recently. The meeting would take place on the 27th.



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