Space City

Opening Scene…The group is gathered at Prime’s apartment talking and discussing recent events.

The group hashes out that yes they want to be a group and that they are all willing to give a shot at working inside the law if they can, but if they can’t at least the greater good will be served. After that, they hash out that as a team they will call themselves Star Guard, in keeping with the idea of the Lone Star state bit. Then they turn their attention to where to meet. Hours later after suggesting buying old National Guard buildings, Hotels for sale, Mansions for sale, Warehouses for sale, Office Buildings for sale, building a Celtic Hill-fort…they decided the property that will work best for them as a ‘secret’ base will be a junkyard…with the proviso that the old cars, tires and junk can be set up like a Celtic Hill-fort. So they arrange to start looking at different properties.

Then the group turns it attention to the issue of the Angel-Bots. They all agree (for different reasons) that the Angel-Bots are a bad idea, and that they should keep a close eye on them. The group has one encounter with the Angel-Bots. It is a bank robbery and by the time the group responds to the call the Angel-Bots have the situation under control.

Later that week, the younger members of the group (Archon, Cheetah and Prime) hear that a near legend Heavy Metal singer is coming out of retirement and holding a concert in Space City. This is the first concert Screamin’ Charlie has given in almost four years since the collapse of the last place he and his band played at. The official report was that the structure collapsed due to ‘structural instability’. Since then Charlie took up with the Church of Divine Harmony. Fearing something might be amiss, the younger members let Gauss and Hunter know about Charlie. Their combined research into the Church of Divine Harmony and its founder Heronomous Kinkaid uncover no dark secrets. So the group decides to attend the concert, ‘just in case’.

The night of the concert arrives and there is a huge crowd outside of the Glass Cactus and there is an equally large crowd inside, nearly standing room only. The concert starts and it is loud. The mosh-pit is full. and everyone seems to be having a good time. The band is mostly doing covers or other bands songs. After one song ends someone from the mosh-pit calls out for something new. Charlie asks if they all want something new. As one the crowd roars in agreement. He smiles and says “Here’s something you never heard before.” Then the band launches into “Hallowed Be Thy Name” The crowd a little stunned at hearing yet another ‘old’ song starts booing. Then Charlie cuts loose and opens up. The two large speakers at the back of the stage explode scattering most of the band (except the drummer) and half of the people in the mosh-pit. Then all hell breaks loose.

Charlie is screaming deafening most of the crowd. The heroes leap into action. A man stands up on the side of the room and starts blasting away with his rather large gun. Another man starts shooting lasers at Cheetah. A fire erupts in the corner and starts heading for the stage. Finally some ugly bug-man comes flying in from the mensroom and attacks Archon (and even has the nerve to make a bad pass at the girl Archon was talking to). And finally the crown surges towards the entrance trying to get away from bullets, fire and fighting supers.

In the course of the combat Cheetah knocks out Whiteout (the man with the laser). Archon continues to fight Dragonfly and chase him after he grabs the blonde Archon was talking to and flew away. Prime and Hunter beat on Mauser’s force screen as he blasts away at them. Gauss manages the crowd as best he can. Finally a single Angel-Bot comes in and demands everyone cease and desist.

By the end of the battle Whiteout is still unconscious. Dragonfly and Specter have flown off. Screamin’ Charlie isn’t screaming any more. He is in critical condition and and has to be rushed to the hospital to save his life. Mauser’s force screen device finally runs out of energy and he is quickly defeated by Hunter and Cheetah. Prime follows Specter out but looses the illusion of him in a parking garage. Archon is left with the choice of saving the girl or catching Dragonfly. He does the right thing. The crowd that has been surging at the front doors is finally set free by Gauss who pulls the pins on the hinges and moves the doors out of the way. There were a few minor injuries and four people that needed to go to the hospital for further treatment, but nothing life threatening. The fire in the club vanished when Specter flew away.

In the final wrap up of the evening with C.H.E.S.S., Whiteout, Mauser and Screamin’ Charlie are taken into custody and the Angel-Bots are on the look out for Specter and dragonfly. The C.H.E.S.S. representative on-site Bishop Theagenes expresses some concern about the Angel-Bots, but is sure that C.H.E.S.S. can handle the situation if things go badly.

End of issue.



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