Space City

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Opening Scene: The group is finishing up their meeting at the long since shutdown Space City Funplex getting in some much needed combat practice.

As they are leaving their bi-weekly meeting, they are met just out side by a beautiful young woman (apparently in her late 20’s) with a worried look on her face. He introduces herself as Theola and tells them in a worried voice that they have to hurry and stop her sisters before they can kidnap the city. Being somewhat intrigued/concerned by this the heroes ask for more details. She explains that she and her sisters are the ancient Greek sirens. And that their home is being threatened by the oil spill in the Gulf. Her sisters (not bad types usually) have taken it into their heads that if the land dwellers want to destroy the sea, that they will destroy the land-dwellers homes as well. She tells them that her sisters have lured the inhabitants of the city to some local park and that the heroes can find them there. The heroes take off with Theola to find her sisters.

It’s not hard to find the sisters (as well as most of the city) in Herman Park at the amphitheater. The heroes land on the stage in front of the three sisters and demand that they stop what they are doing. One of the sisters says that they are only trying to help the land-dwellers’ by safe guarding them from Hydra’s destructive nature. She then points to Theola. Being confused as to the different name the heroes all look at the woman that they met and she smiles and laughs a little. She’s right, she is Theola and now you are all going to pay for what you have done!

Cheetah runs up and is about to hit her from behind when he realizes that he can’t hit such a lovely woman as Hydra. Prime however has shaken off Hydra’s mental enslavement and backhands her across the face. There is the snapping of bones as Hydra’s neck is broken and she is knocked back lifeless into Archon’s arms. The crowd, the sisters, the heroes (and the players as well as the GM) are all shocked and stunned by the sudden, apparent death of Hydra; none more than Prime himself. Everything stops.

The sisters demand that the heroes give them some space and they have the crowd move in between them and the heroes and move them away. After a tense 15 minute argument between the sisters, the one they now realize is the real Theola says “This is our understanding and terms. We acknowledge that Hydra was evil and bent on the destruction of the land-dwellers’ home. For that we find that you, as heroes do, were only protecting your people. But, Hydra was our sister and her destruction had not yet reached the point of taking lives. We understand the ways of heroes, stretching back to the time of Ulysses. So, even though we understand your need to protect your city, hero, we can not let the death of our sister go unpunished. So, for atonement, we will have the transgressor serve us for one year at our leisure or we will finish what Hydra started. Do you agree to our terms?” Prime moved forward and knelt in front of Theola and agreed to the terms. Grim faced the three sisters nodded and as a show of good faith had the crowd disperse and return to where they had come from.

Theola summoned a large chariot drawn by four white horses and the sisters and Prime carrying the lifeless form of Hydra got on board. Theola told the rest of the group as they departed, “Remember, heroes are measured by the strength of their heart, not the strength of their arms.” With that, the chariot started moving and then vanished leaving nothing but sea foam behind.

End of issue.



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